Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just discovered the FALL Y'ALL BLOGGY GIVEAWAY

I had NO idea that bloggers regularly give stuff away. There are so many fun sites out there.

Go to Bloggy Giveaways for your chance to be part of the action. You could even win this....

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The scale finally moved

138.8 this morning. We'll see if it sticks, or if I wander back up. Probably no workout today as I'm taking a few days off work to see if that helps my neck. DH is determined we need a new mattress...which I think we do, so we may go out to check some out. I really want a Tempur-pedic bed, but he isn't so sure. Anybody have a great mattress?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday update...but probably not the one you're waiting for

Sorry to keep you all waiting on the much anticipated calorie expenditure information. I wore the heart rate monitor and watch yesterday while doing housework (I like to know how many calories ALL activities burns). I got a lot done, and I think I burned around 400 calories in 4 hours (not as much as I had hoped). DH got home, we were watching a movie on TV, then moved to watch it in bed, and while getting ready for bed I took the heart rate strap off...DH was sorely disappointed. Poor guy. I just wasn't in the mood after all the housework I had done.

Anyway, today I went back to the chiropractor for some more adjustments. Wowser, it was a doozy. I was explaining to the chiro that the pain had moved from primarily the left side of my neck to the right, and also was having low back pain now. So he goes to adjust my upper back by having me lay on my side with my arms crossed and the top leg over the other, then he pushes (squashes) you in the opposite direction. OMG, I thought I had been twisted in half...not good. Then he flipped me over on my stomach to hurt me some more, but my back was too tight so he had my flip back over on my back with my arms crossed over my shoulders...with his fist in my back all the while doing a wrestling take down move (putting all his body weight on me). Seriously, it knocked the breath out of me...I felt like I had been sucker punched in the stomach...I seriously had thoughts of my spleen being ruptured or something. Then he sends me to get a little massage (read: torture) on my very sore neck, and the girl is trying to get blood from a turnip. I have a high pain tolerance, and I was having to do deep breathes in order to not cry out. Then when I finally do tell her it really hurts (aka, please don't do it so hard ), she says "ya, that part does hurt huh"...and keeps doing the same thing. MERCY! All in all, it was the most traumatic visit to the chiropractor that I have ever had and I'm still not feeling any better, in fact I feel worse (no wonder huh).

Despite all that I went immediately to the gym ( I was feeling okay at that point because it was still fairly early in the morning....the pain gets worse as the day goes on). Anyway, I got my weights done and moved on to cardio. Today it took me 31 minutes to get to the "training effect" of 5.0 . I wanted to stop at about minute 18...but I think at that point I was only at 3.7, and I couldn't in good conscience stop there, then come blog about such a pathetic workout. So I pushed through..so determined to get to a 5 (even when the machine stopped at 30 minutes because that is all I had programmed it for), I was at a 4.9 at 30 minutes, and I knew I just needed to do one more "sprint" to get to the 5.0. See, this is where the watch really comes in handy. There is no way I would have pushed myself like that without the watch. In fact, I probably would have stopped at 20 minutes. I think what the watch is doing is factoring in that your body adapts to the level of exercise you consistently do, so you have to keep doing more of it in order to get the same amount of effect. Anyway, there was an older lady waiting for a machine behind me ( I had told her I was about done), and then another older lady next to me says, "this girl (me) has so much energy...she was running up that thing". I thought that was funny. I was doing 40 second sprints at level 12 on the stairmill..which literally makes you run up the stairs.

So, my workout stats from today (although my watch is still running and I've totaled 1746 calories in the 9:07 hours I've had it on)

Calories burned during workout: 710 ( a new record for me)
Workout time: 1:03
Training effect: 5.0
Oh, I just discovered that the watch has moved me up to an "activity class" of 7.5...this might explain why it was harder to reach the TE of 5.0 today
Also just discovered that my resting heart rate is around 64
Eating has been right on today, so I feel good about that. We'll see how the rest of the week goes.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

What I've been doing...

Well I've gotten slightly off track. Thursday we had the potluck at our house, and I did fairly well, I only had one small serving of all the dishes, most of which were surprisingly healthy. I did only have one small slice of cake (which by the way, several people said was "the best cake [I] have ever tasted"). Also, as a side note, this was our bible study group we had over, with an age range of upper 20's to mid 80's. I thought it would be fun to have do some Wii bowling, because I haven't met anyone yet that doesn't have fun at it. So we convince the older couple..age 79 and 80 something, to try it out. They had SO MUCH FUN. Apparently this couple used to be in a bowling league but hadn't bowled in over 30 years...although they really wanted too. They left our house CERTAIN that they were going to buy a Wii for their home so they could bowl instead of watch TV in the evenings. How cute is that! I thought it was great!

Back to my confessional.... Friday, I was really craving carbs, really really really. Somewhat out of frustration over the scale. DH wanted to go out for hamburgers, but we settled for my favorite pizza place which also has great salads. I was going to have a spicy thai chicken pizza, but decided to get my healthy salad with chicken...and whole wheat breadsticks. I feel like I did pretty well there....had a little extra carbs, but nothing crazy. I did however come home and have a slice of leftover cake.

DH is working today and I was invited to go on a Pumpkin train ride with a friend and her 2 kids. I'm exhausted after a long day involving 4 kids under 6, 1 hour in the car, 1.5 hours on a "train ride", to a field with pumpkins which the mom's got to haul back onto the train (that's 2 pumpkins, one giant purse with all our jackets, snacks, and the camera), then an hour home. Anyway, the kids LOVED it...it just wasn't my idea of a fun (read: relaxing) Saturday afternoon.
I've also been struggling with a very sore, messed up neck, which I've been seeing a chiropractor for (which usually helps, but feels worse this time). I was in the car to go to the gym on Friday, but I just knew that my neck/back would be even more sore after such an intense workout....so I got out of the car, came inside to get some things I needed to return, and went shopping instead. :)

I'm hoping to rest tomorrow as well, then hit the gym on Monday. Anyway, as a positive note, I didn't have to cook dinner tonight as we had great soup and breadsticks leftover. The weather was absolutely perfect today. The kids had a great time today.

If you are any way related to me I may not want you to read to next paragraph. Especially if you are my father, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, etc. Read on with caution.

I haven't been completely without exercise in the last few days. On Wednesday or Thursday, I had come across a blog who was on the blog roll of another blog friend. I got a good giggle after reading one of this bloggers top posts... in which he sites an article about "Sexercise". Don't worry, it's just an article...nothing raunchy or off colored. Now being that I'm a Christian and also grew up where good girls didn't talk about such things, this is not something I would typically talk about in a public forum, but I'm married and I have children, so I think it's obvious that I have some experience when I comes to this subject.....plus it has to do with fitness and exercise. I was sitting in the living room when I read this blog..and DH was sitting in the same room. He heard me snickering while hovering over the laptop and asked what I was laughing about. I shared with him these pearls of wisdom, and he thought it was fantastic news. Then I told him how I thought it would be beneficial and interesting to wear my heart rate monitor...which goes along with my new watch (which also tracks calories burned) during said activities. I'm calling it a sexperiment, and DH wholeheartedly agrees that this should take place. Really, anything that gets him more action he'll agree to. I'll keep you updated....the hard part is to actually plan ahead and put the chest strap on in order to monitor said activities without totally killing the mood (more so for myself than DH as he needs very little encouragement). I do think this would be fascinating information.

Was that too much info? Oh well, I've always been one to just tell it like it is.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

One small slice

I will only eat one slice, I will only eat one slice, I will only eat one slice...

Okay seriously...what gives

So I know that the number on the scale should not be the focus...but really, it does matter. I have enough fat to lose that something should be happening by now. I got on the scale today and got 139.6 . It is hard for me to post that number for a multitude of reasons that I won't get in to right now. Let me just say that I have seen that exact number.. 139.6 so many times in the last 2-3 months, it's just not funny. I feel like I am working out really hard, and eating 95% clean. According to the Turbulence Training book I should be shedding fat like crazy. Oh, and my bodyfat % was still the same on the Tanita (notoriously high...but consistent at least). This is when I start to get really frustrated. It's been 2 weeks (of serious commitment) and I've really made no progress. Seriously, the double chocolate Oreos are calling my name right now. I've been working out consistently for more than a year, so I should have a good amount of lean muscle mass to make a difference in my metabolism...however, for the last several months I can't seem to make the scale budge to save my life. When I was doing Body For Life (my second challenge specifically), I was eating about 85% clean, working out, and still dropping at least a pound a week. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH.
No worries though, I'm not careening myself off the wagon just yet. At this point I refuse to count calories because it messes with my head. Could drinking 2 cups of coffee a day (with about 1 tbsp of 1/2 and 1/2) be affecting my progress....maybe it's the Zone Perfect bars (which really help get me past any sugar cravings...but aren't a great meal due to the ratio of carbs to protein). Anyway, I'm at a loss. I'm frustrated. DH made pizza for himself and the kids for lunch today, and it took A LOT of will power to stay away from it.
Whew, I feel better now getting that all out there. Back to drinking my water....

As as side note I am taking measurements as well, but I think I also need to start taking progress pictures again...maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday workout...

Still haven't weighed in since free day. I just don't want to be disappointed. Tomorrow we are having a potluck at our house, and I'm just not ready for another free day, so I think I will make a huge big yummy salad, and eat mostly that, and maybe a bite or two of dessert, then take my free day on Sunday. I just really like having a whole day to not think about food, or think and eat the food I am really craving.

Anyway, I forgot to mention on last nights post, but I plan on holding off buying any clothes until I have lost 10 pounds. Not only is this good motivation, but it also makes sense to not buy jeans when I am actively trying to lose weight.

Today's workout summary (according to the watch)
Workout time: 57.45 (includes stretching time)
Calories burned: 651
Training effect: 5.0 (reached at minute 28 of cardio...took a little longer than Monday) I think this is because on Monday I did squats on the smith machine with 25# plates on each side, then dropped the bar way down and did laying pull up things ( I don't know what you call them)
...anyway, my heart rate gets really high when I do that combo.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Clothes shopping woes

So tonight I was without my dear kiddos (thank you Grandma). I decided it would be good to get out of the house, and I really need some winter clothes. Retail therapy is one of my favorites. I've made a pact to myself not just to buy clothes because their a good deal, but to buy clothes that look great and are good quality....and not worry so much about the price. I've gotten in a rut of buying a lot of clothes that are just okay, but not great...spending more money on junk than if I had bought several classic, great looking items at a higher price. Anyway, so I forewarned DH that I was going clothes shopping and asked him what my budget was. He said he trusted me to spend an appropriate amount without going overboard. I was all excited, and decided to start out at Old Navy. I tried some things on, but nothing looked right. Then I headed to the mall. I tried on at least 15 pairs of jeans from $24.99 to $98.00. Nothing! Nothing looked right. I happen to hold a good majority of my fat right around my middle, so the pants have to come far enough up as to not have 'the cup runneth over'. Can they just make jeans that are a little higher rise, don't hug your thighs..you know..like a straight leg...not made for a 16 year old body with no hips and thighs like pencils. I feel like I am pretty well proportioned...what the heck. Anyway, to boot, all tops this season are either made to make you look pregnant, or made to look like a mini-dress for which you need leggings, and I just can't seem to go there at 30.

So I spent $0 dollars...okay, I did buy dinner at subway because I had gone 5 hours without eating...I know bad bad bad.

Now I'm moping. I guess I'll be wearing my black velour sweatsuit all winter long.

Monday, October 22, 2007

According to my watch.....

....I burned 1493 calories today (2 hours of Karate and 1 hour at the gym earlier) That should be enough to cancel out yesterdays free day. What's even cooler about the watch that I learned today, is that all I need is the heart rate strap on around my chest...and the watch can be 20 feet away (the Sensei didn't want me wearing it during karate, so it sat by my water), but it still picked up my heart rate etc. I thought that was great.

Recovering from sugar coma

Yeah, so I've made it through 1 successful week. I felt like I worked hard, and ate well (up until yesterday of course).

Speaking of yesterday. Can I just tell you how great that felt to just eat, and not feel guilty. It didn't feel physically great, but then again it did....I know..it doesn't make sense. After church yesterday I decided I wanted bread with butter, donut holes and a Starbucks iced mocha for lunch...so we went to the store and got those things for me...plus some good red wine and ice cream (I was planning for dinner). We came home and I had 3 slices (fairly small) of sourdough bread with LOTS of butter, then a bunch of donut holes. I was already feeling a little sick from the iced mocha because it was pretty sweet. Later I had to take a nap because I was so tired and was in a sugar coma. Seriously, you just don't realize how much sugar has an impact on your energy level until you go without it for a whole week, then splurge on it all at once. Wowser...it's a doozy!
After my nap we had friends over for the best pizza and pub fries (the best beer battered fries EVER)...especially when dipped in ranch! MMMMMhhh, it's like heaven :). After all that we had ice cream too. The really great thing about all that is I don't feel guilty about any of it, and today I was ready to be focused again and eat protein pancakes, chicken, veggies etc. I got all the other cravings out of my system yesterday.

Today's workout was great. I don't know what happened Friday, but today I got to a "training effect" of 5 at minute 25 of my cardio. I think doing sprints makes the training effect go up faster than doing a slow climb to the sprint. Anyway I worked really hard.

Total workout time: 1:02
Training effect: 5
Calories burned: 660

I never weigh myself the day after free day, and I probably won't tomorrow or the next day either..it's never good news.

And to my yogurt angel...I still haven't gotten around to attempting another batch of yogurt...I keep thinking about it, and trying to figure out the timing issue..then it's too much thought and I say forget it :) I'll do it though.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Free day!!!! MMMMMMMMhhhhh

Oh how I love free day. I would never last without a free day. Yesterday I planned accordingly and bought really good WW cinnamon raisin bread, and made french toast with it this morning. I plan on having pizza later...YUM.

Yesterday I did good, no workout as it was a rest day. I had salad and chicken at the wedding, and no cake. Had homemade low fat chicken curry with brown rice for dinner last night, and it was pretty tasty.

Yesterday I also bought a large firm foam roll from Amazon. They have them at my gym although I never use them (yuck), but my aunt also has one and uses it for stretching and some pilates type moves/stretches. Anyway, I used it while I was there, and it felt great on my back. My back has been bothering me for about a week, so I went ahead and bought one for myself. I'm sure my kids will think of other functions for it...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Another day...

So another day in the bag. Eating has been good today, although I need more veggies....planning a big salad for dinner..with squash and Tilapia. I'm also making some homemade yogurt...not for dinner, but just for kicks. I got a little yogurt maker, and I'm going to attempt to make something similar to Fage Total 0%. We'll see. I haven't figured out how I'm going to strain it to make it thicker yet.

Workout today was good. My watch is getting too smart. Today I did the 20 minutes of weight stuff, then started cardio. I always set the machine at 30 minutes because then the blinking interval things are at 1 minute. However, I usually only go 20 minutes because, well, because that's the TT and BFL amount to do. Well, remember how when I first got the watch, I'd be 10 minutes into cardio and the training effect on the watch would be at 5. Well today I was pushing and pushing myself trying to get to a 5, I had to talk myself into 1 more sprint...okay not at 5, one more sprint, okay not at 5 still, one more sprint. Well, I got to 4.9 and was at 30 minutes and the machine stopped. I was exhausted....still am!!

I've been doing stuff all day long, and I'm so tired. While making yogurt I opened a new thing of milk, and accidentally threw the lid away because my brain is fried! Thankfully I got my dear son to vacuum with the big vacuum..he usually does the kitchen floor for me with the little hand held vac. But today he did the big vacuum, and had fun (I'm sure that won't last). Now I won't let them get anything out because the house looks clean...and daddy will be home soon, and I want him to know I did something today.
Anyway, gotta finish making dinner, and get off the computer, so DH doesn't think that's all I've done today (which amazingly I've had very little non-work computer time today..feeling a little behind....I'll catch up when everyone goes to bed)

Scale 140.2
Tanita BF 31%
Calories burned during workout: 604

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Alwyn Cosgrove...the cold hard facts about fat loss

I just read this article. Alwyn is a straight shooter, and I love that.

Alwyn's fat loss rant

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I feel the same way...

I just look down at our beloved cat Daisy...she likes to sit by me while I work, and I couldn't help but feel the same way.


Or maybe she was covering her nose because she's sitting by my post-workout feet..??? Hmmm, thoughts to ponder.
Power was out for a couple hours this morning...good excuse to make it to the gym...I can't work when I have no power :)

Today's workout stats:
Calories burned: 569
Training effect: 5 (I stayed on the stairmill until it hit the 5, and not a second longer...it actually hit 5 at minute 23, so I didn't have to do too much extra)
Weight this am: 141.2 ( I have a hard time sharing that online, but oh well....also I realize that I really shouldn't be weighing myself every day)
Eating has been great yesterday and today. I feel like I'm in the zone, although the kids were eating chips yesterday and I heard them calling my name, but I didn't give in. I also really wanted a nice glass of wine last night, but resisted that one too. I can't wait for free day!!!!!

I see nobody wanted to play my game below....fine, be that way!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Well I must be a little slow because I just learned what a Meme is (I had to Google it)
For all of you who already know what a Meme is, please feel free to participate in this one. Essentially someone posts a word (in this case it would be me) and then the reader (you) rushes off to image search it. They (you) then post an entry with the amusing picture and a new word and rush back to say that you have done so.

We all then spend oodles of time cavorting about t’Internet putting silly pictures up and much fun is had by all.

My word (as I’m starting this) is TIRE and this is my silly picture.

Your word is COFFEE....go!

Day 2

So yesterday went well. Eating was good, still need to work on the water intake. According to my watch, with my workout and Karate I burned 953 calories..WOW!! My total workout time was 2 hours 28 minutes, and a Training effect total of 4.7 (out of 5).
Today I did some extra cardio, because well, I need to burn fat! During my 30 minute HIIT I burned 367 calories, had a peak HR of 189 (the highest I've seen it) and a training effect of 4.2.

I made myself a 17 week calendar so I can also record my info there...it is taped to the side of my desk hutch, and it's fun for me to cross off days.

Scale weight was 142.2
Tanita BF% 32
Hand held BF% 20.4

It's raining, and I'm so not motivated to do my work...focus, focus, focus!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday update

It all started Friday with getting on the scale. Bad idea. Then we had friends over that evening, which leads to eating. Saturday wasn't so bad...I got my workout in. Sunday wasn't great..it started well, then progressed to a Starbucks iced mocha..which I didn't drink all of because I was kicking myself...so then I went for a run...which really only lasted 12 minutes because my knee started hurting (my body doesn't like to run lately). But I did keep walking for another 10 minutes or so. Then we had a potluck/meeting at church so you can imagine the food spread there. Anyway, I figured that obviously my less than 100% clean eating is sabotaging my workout efforts. It just seems so strange to me that when I first started Body for Life, the weight consistently came off for weeks and weeks. Now I seem to be stuck in a weight rut no matter how much I change my workouts or how well I eat. At least this is what I'd like to think. Deep down inside I know that my eating has been a little lax every day, even though in general all the extra bites have been healthy foods. Then I get on the scale...don't see the number I want to see, so then I kind of throw in the towel and eat bad foods here and there. To some degree I really want to stop obsessing about food. I really don't like to obsess about anything. I'm a type B personality, so obsessing and perfecting are just not in my nature. However, it takes a good deal of planning (aka obsessing) to eat right.
I'm irritated that I'm up 8 pounds from Cabo last year, and Cabo is only 116 days away. I'd like to lose 10-12 pounds before going, which means I need to get my butt in gear.

So I've decided I am starting a challenge today! It's going to be a 17 week challenge, since that is how many weeks until Cabo. However, I am going to take Thanksgiving week off, and Christmas to New Years off. I'm going to check in and document what I'm eating, calories lost during workouts etc. Mostly because I think it will help keep me accountable...not really that all you want to read all that boring stuff :) I am going to take 1 free day a week. Or if something comes up during the week, I will take a couple of free meals (although I've found this doesn't work all that well for me...I really need a whole day!!!) So we'll see how it goes. I need some accountability, so feel free to call me out if you see things slipping. I'll take measurements tomorrow and weigh myself.

On another note, my new watch is getting smarter. It has figured out that my activity level is not a 5 like I had told it (which is like working out 1-2 hours a week). It has bumped that up to a 7. It is also getting harder to get to "fitness level" of 5 on the scale from 1-5. Last week I would do my TT and about 1/2 way through the cardio I'd already be at a level 5. Well today, thinking that this would be the same, I got done with my 22 minutes of cardio (I even did a little extra), and went to stretch, then saw that my fitness level was only a 4.7. Dang it...it's figuring me out. This is great really because your body does adapt to whatever exercise you are doing, and now I will have to work harder longer to get to the level 5.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New template again (one that includes a navigation menu..yeah) I've decided HTML must have been written by some neurotic binary code loving hermit living in death valley with nothing better to do. I'm so done with HTML coding....well until next week maybe. Once again spent much to much time looking for a new template that I could modify with my own pictures, but I need Photoshop in order to properly adjust my pictures to match the HTML...and I don't have Photoshop or anything that resembles it....ugh.

Oh well, I like red, and I like flowers....

I'm a template schizophrenic...and I lost my navigation bar...

Okay, I can't seem to get my blog template the way I want...I still have lots of fiddling to do, and for some reason, this template didn't come with a navigation bar...you know the one that says "new post, customize" etc. Kind of difficult to post without a new post button. I've tried to put the HTML for a nav bar back in, but it isn't working......

I also can't find the area in the HTML where the flying birds are inserted.... must be magic :)


I hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Can't see

Well last week was a good week. I got all 3 TT workouts in, my eating was good, and the scale dropped a pound, so I'm back to where I was prior to my 2 week "vacation". I'm trying to work on drinking more water, as I don't think I'm drinking as much as I should be.

Anyway, also had my Lasik pre-op consultation today, and am scheduled for surgery on Nov. 2nd. Get this, after surgery, they make you take a mandatory 4-6 hour nap....with a little medication help. Woohoooo! I love it! Currently my pupils are as big as saucers and I can't see right with or without my contacts....a little annoying as I'm trying to work on my computer and have to get my nose pretty close to the screen in order to see it. Currently I have one contact in and one out, but still can't see well. I'm just glad to be able to wear my contacts again instead of the glasses.

Tonight I get to have a heavenly dessert with some girlfriends to celebrate my dear friend Jen's birthday. Which means I need to get a make-you-want-to-hurl workout in before that.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Back on the wagon again...

Yeah, so my new watch came yesterday, and although I pride myself on being technologically savvy, this new watch baffled me. There are 4 buttons, and they seem to do something different each time you press them. DH had to help me figure some stuff out. Anyway, I also didn't realize that you have to wear a heart rate monitor of sorts (really just a belt type thing) around your chest to actually get a heart rate reading. Somehow I had missed that in my research. Fortunately the heart rate belt is quite comfortable and I hardly know it's there. The watch tells you what your heart rate is, and because of some settings you put in, it tells you how hard you are working from 1-5. There is a "coach" built in that recommends what number you should strive for in each workout. Although it is geared more towards running, biking, swimming etc, I do find it fun. It also tells you the approximate number of calories burned. The great thing is that it got me back to the gym today, and whenever I'm working out, I seem to eat better as well. So it seems I'm back on track!! Yeah. It always feels better to be working out and eating right, but for whatever reason, I like to rebel and feel awful in every way every once in a while.

So today I did Turbulence Training at the gym, then cardio on the elliptical (10min) then the stairmill (15 min including cool down). My watch said I burned 433 calories, which is great, and I reached a 5 on the training effect readout.

Here is what I had for lunch today

.......pretty healthy huh! I don't think I've had veggies for 2 weeks. I picked up this broccoli salad mix at Costco. I thought it was just broccoli slaw, but it actually had dressing, cranberries, nuts, and bacon bits to mix in. It was really good, and not much fat/calories.

In other news, I had to start wearing my glasses (which I haven't worn in years...not even for a little bit), because you have to go 7 days without contacts before the Lasik consult exam. I'm not too excited about it because the glasses seem SO different from my contacts. I feel a little off balance...which is okay while I'm just sitting here :)

That's all my news for today :)