Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas time fun

What a wonderful Christmas, come and gone. It's always amazing how fast it comes and goes. I LOVE Christmas time, so it's tough for me to get back into the groove of working and doing chores! This year was especially fun because I made a lot of things that I had never made before. One day in September I called my mom and asked if she wanted to make rag quilts for my 2 kids and my niece and oldest nephew. Neither of us had ever made one, but she knew how to sew, and really that's all there is too it. We had a great time making the 4 quilts, although I think I got the better end of the deal, since I couldn't work on the quilts at my house since 2 of them were for my kids. I didn't get pictures of the other 2 quilts yet, but here are the ones we made for Aaron and Maree. We made them twin size.
Maree's with high heel shoes and purses..

and Aarons..

Then I also made jar cookie mixes to give out to friends.

And just for kicks I started making jewelry. Who knew that could be so much fun!!

This year was especially fun because of Aaron. He just melted my heart, and I am so proud of the the little man he is becoming. After he got his quilt, he was just so appreciative, and kept going on and on about how much he loved it. He asked me how long it had taken, and just kept saying thank you. He also told me that he was so glad I was his mommy.... *sniff sniff*. Precious. Then when he got to "open" the picture on his wall, he was just so cute.
I think with every gift he received he said "Thank you sooooo much" with so much sincerity.

Here is the big wall unveiling for those who haven't seen it on my Facebook..

Happy New Year!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Dates with Daddy

When Steve took Aaron hunting this year, he also promised Maree he would take her on a date when he returned. Today is date day!! Maree is sooooooo excited to go on a date with her daddy. She has chosen to go to Arby's because they have curley fries, and apparently those are "da bomb". Everytime she talkes about her date, her little eyes light up, and she gets the cutest smile on her face.

Anyway, things have been pretty busy around here. Fortunately I am not feeling stressed, which is great. I've been teaching a Pilates class Monday and Wednesday evenings, working, trying to get ready for Christmas, etc. We have a lot of fun gifts planned this year...including this one for Aaron...

Now under wraps until Christmas...

Christmas will be SO fun!