Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Love the UPS man....and my husband

I think it speaks for itself. Except for the fact that I was not suppose to know it came, and it was suppose to remain hidden until dear husband goes for a week long hunting trip in a month with my son and other from our extended family. Oh well :) Guess he'll have to think of something else to pamper and butter me up with :)

Love you babe! Thanks for the goodies!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Long week

Wow, a lot has happened in the last week. Last Saturday morning, my dear son started complaining of a bad headache. I had a lot to do that day including pre-baby pedicures with my dear sister and friends...then some other errands to run. That evening Aaron looked miserable with what appeared to be a migraine and a fever. I was concerned so I spoke with the pediatrician on call, and she wanted to draw labs and see him at the hospital. Of course, as is one of my fears as a former pediatric nurse, as soon as the doctor came in, Aaron was chatty and smiley and looked fine. However, at midnight the doctor called and said Aaron's labs did not look good, and we would need to re-draw them in the morning. Anywho, he had his labs drawn again, we talked to the on-call pediatrician multiple times, and by Monday he was looking pretty good but Aaron's regular pediatrician wanted to see him. This was NOT in the plan as the doctor wanted to see him at 10, and Kelly's c-section was scheduled for 12:30, and I still needed to run some errands. After waiting in the doctor's office for quite a while (since they had squeezed us in) I got a call from my MIL stating that my dear sister's scheduled c-section had been moved from 12:30 to was 10:45. We still had to go get labs drawn, which, conveniently, was right across the street from the family birth center at the hospital. I called my husband at work and asked if he could come be with Aaron, so I could make it to the birth of my new niece or nephew (it was a surprise). His work is about 20 minutes away, but I think he made in 15! Luckily dear Aaron was so brave for all the blood draws...never cried, never moved his little arm. Such a trooper! So Steve made it just as they were done drawing blood, and I literally ran out of the building, across the street, to the family birth center. Luckily hospital schedules always run a bit behind, so I was able to see Kelly and her cute pregnant belly one last time. At 12:10 little Benjamin Levi was welcomed into the world. The plan was for me to stay the night with Kelly in the hospital to help her out since I'm also a former OB nurse, and I don't snore :) . Steve called at about 8:30 pm to say Aaron had been crying for I headed home to see how he was doing, thinking I might not be able to stay with Kelly if Aaron was not doing well again....luckily when I got home all the lights were off and Aaron was in bed with Steve. I gave him a hug, got him to laugh, and I knew he would be okay, so I headed back to the hospital. So then we had a couple of days of everyone recovering, Aaron from this crazy virus, me from lack of sleep, etc. Friday Aaron had his last lab draw and everything seemed to be back to normal. Little did I know.......
Saturday morning I woke up with a terrible sore throat. I gargled some salt water, and told myself it was nothing. Steve and I had been invited to a World of Wines event at a local vineyard, and I'd spent hours shopping and deciding what to wear to this event. I was really excited and nothing was going to stop me from going. I felt pretty good during the day, so off we went to the winery. All was well for the first few hours, but then I was standing there and things started to sound far away, and my vision got darker and I started to see stars. Mind you, this was NOT from drinking wine. Steve and I sat for the remainder of our time there. Which was a bummer because we had only made it through the white wines....we hadn't even started with the reds yet. But, it was not meant to be. We made it home and I crashed into bed with the chills and a worsening sore throat. Sunday after not eating and having a terrible time swallowing, we went to urgent care and I was diagnosed with strep throat. I was actually relieved because that meant they could start treating it pronto. So yesterday I was in bed ALL day. Today I am feeling a little better but am laying low....Aaron said he would take care of Maree :)

As a side note...things my kids said this week that I thought were funny.

I was doing a fashion show of the 5 dresses I was trying to decide between for the wine event. I came out in one and the kids were oooooing and aaahhhing, and then I mentioned that I didn't really have shoes to go with that particular dress and Aaron says "Mom, I don't think they're going to be looking at your shoes".
So next Tuesday Maree will be starting pre-school, which she is really excited about. However, she calls it "pretty-school". I wonder what she thinks she'll be learning there........

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Heebee jeebees

Looked out my back window today and noticed this beauty..........


Sorry, been neglecting my blog... been having too much fun on Facebook......

Monday, August 11, 2008

A little bit of everything

Things that have happened in the last week:

*Worked out once...goal is to workout 4x this week!
*Sister-in-law was down to visit which means Maree was gone from Wednesday night to Sunday afternoon...although we saw her on several occasions
*Had a fantastic wedding day brunch with a bride-to-be, who is also a close family friend
*A fun outdoor wedding where we got to see a lot of people we haven't seen in years
*Had visitors from out of town (college friend) whom I haven't seen in 2 years
*Aaron learned to tie his shoes
*Aaron lost another tooth (that's 4 missing currently)
*Yard work
*Pizza visiting with sister and family
*Got a new office chair and a new mouse, which will hopefully make working more comfortable
....that reminds me, it's time for me to get to work...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Garage sale recovery

I am still recovering from my garage sale adventures on Friday and Saturday. I had NO idea how much work they would be. My parents were an amazing help on Friday...really couldn't have done it without them. We did pretty good, and got rid of a large chunk of our stuff. The rest I am either selling on craigs*list or taking to charity, so hopefully by the end of the week my garage will be nice and clean! I can park my car in it, so I figure that is a good accomplishment!

The big perk in it all was the kid's lemonade stand. My dad brought over a canopy to provide some shade for us to sit under, so I set the kids up under that, and we made signs for the prices of everything (strawberry lemonade, chips, cookies, muffins, coffee), including a sign that said "Disneyland Vacation Fund"...since that is where all the money was going. Maree was a great little salesperson, and since she was dressed as Belle, she was nearly irresistible. My Dad asked Maree if he could buy a bag of chips and asked how much they were, and she says "Five dollas" not dollaRs because she doesn't say her "r"s. My Dad said something to the effect of "boy, that's steep", and she says "Okay, how 'bout 6 dollas". They ended up making.....get ready for won't believe it....ninety-six dollars!! She's got a career in sales coming! I think I might make them start paying rent...have them sit out on the corner every weekend and sell lemonade and cookies.


Enjoying my morning cup of coffee...

Sunday, August 3, 2008


The guts of the espresso machine.....

Dear Lord....

....please please please let my dear husband be able to put the espresso machine back together, as it is currently gutted :(