Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wii Fit part 2

We've been enjoying the Wii Fit for the last week, and have some pictures to share.

This is Aaron doing a balance game where you walk across a high wire. Maree is just pretending.
This is Aaron (in his standard uniform), doing a side plank in the strength training mode. The side plank is coupled with a push-up. He actually does it quite well, and it's way cute to watch.

I've really enjoyed all the exercises. There is even a feature where you can do "free step" which is sort of like Dance Dance Revolution where you are to follow the steps on the screen. Well, instead you can watch television while the Wiimote ticks off the steps and counts them, and also counts down the time (however much time you have designated to do the exercise). Basically you are just stepping on and off the balance board, which is similar to going for a good paced walk. I love that I can watch my favorite TV shows AND be working out at the same time instead of sitting like a lump on the couch.

The sad thing about the Wii Fit is that if you eat like crap over the weekend and then do the body test, you will watch your little Mii person puff up to indicate the 2.8 pounds you gained. :(
Back to egg whites and whole wheat toast for breakfast, lots of fruits and veggies, lean meats, and no sugar, white flour, and processed foods. I can't stand to see my little Mii looking all chubby. Oh, and the icing on the cake is if you have gained weight it then asks you why you think you might have really is like having a trainer there with you.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wii Fit.....

This morning I woke up unusually early, and whereas usually I would have seen the time, rolled back over, and gone back to sleep, I was too excited to sleep anymore. I got up and showered...(gasp, I didn't even have coffee first), and went down to Fred Meyer to grab the Wii Fit. I didn't know what to expect...if there was going to be a long line or if they were going to have 4, and sell the last one to the lady in front of me. Anyway, when I saw the empty parking lot, I thought I was in good shape. Apparently very few people in Medford were as excited as me to get their hands on one of these, as there were no lines, and stacks of Wii Fit sitting behind the counter. So then I came home...had my coffee, and got the Wii going. The instructions say that you need to attach some enclosed feet to the balance board if your carpet touches the unit, but mine didn't so I figured I didn't need it; however, when the unit indicated I was 10 pounds lighter than I was yesterday I figured something wasn't right, but I appreciated the compliment!! ;)
I put the little feet things on, and then it was dead on with my weight. So far I think it is quite fun, and I think the kids are really going to enjoy it. I think, realistically, I will use it more to track my weight and supplement my regular workout routine, but I don't think it will be enough to use instead of my regular routine.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Random updates

So I was all excited that Wii Fit came out today, only to find out it only comes out today in the Nintendo World Store in New York City. Hmmmm, that doesn't really help me out. It actually is available Wednesday to the rest of us. 2 more days ;) . Probably better that way since I work today-Wednesday.

My cat is currently standing in my closet meowing incessantly....why??? I have no idea. Does she sense something paranormal? Should I check for critters? I have called her out and she acts fine, but then returned to the closet. She's a little nutty.

Guess what!! I worked out 6 of the last 7 days. I had planned on taking the weekend off, but when the weather is nice I really like to go running, even though my body doesn't seem to like it. Last night I think I ran about 2 1/2 miles, which was great because we had just had movie theater popcorn....mmmmmmmmhhhh. The kids had gone to Grandma's because I work today and Steve is out chasing Turkeys with a bow and arrow...makes me laugh out loud because he hasn't shot his bow for months and months, and he's never actually shot anything with it anyhow except for a random grouse from 20 yards away. Anyway, good luck to you honey! I digress, so we were without kids last night and decided to go see a movie. We went to see Iron Man, which was a great movie. Then I went for a run....then I had ice cream :) Hey, weekends are my time off from good eating.

Monday, May 12, 2008

$837 cell phone bill=heart attack

So if you follow my blog, you know that last month I got a new cell phone for my "birthday". I actually got it at the beginning of the month. We had received one bill which seemed to be at the expected amount. We then added 2 more lines onto our family plan so that my Mom and Dad could each have cell phone. Anyway, the whole purpose of me getting the cell phone I did was to allow me to check emails and my work website if I need to be away from my desk during work hours, or to check up on things on my days off. So today I went online to check on our minutes and such, and to my utter horror I see that the balance due is $837 !!!! Say what? So I look over the charges trying to figure out what went wrong and see that they have billed me $648 for the 64,800 kilobytes of information I downloaded/uploaded or whatever. Um, no, we had purchased an unlimited data plan when we had ordered the phone and phone service (through an outside/discount distributor website). So I call up the friendly AT&T customer service representative to see what the deal was. The very nice gal informs me that I am being charged for the data I'm using, and I inform her that I purchased an unlimited data plan, and she says that they don't show that on the account, and I read her off my order confirmation from the other company (who should have then notified AT&T). Well apparently this other company failed to mentioned the unlimited data plan to AT&T :) . Thankfully, AT&T really does have great customer service and they are reversing the charges and adding the data plan retrospectively. Whew!
I also decided it would be smart to put data blocks (text messaging/email/internet use) on the other 3 lines, which belong to my mother-in-law, Mom, and Dad. It's not likely any of them would need those services, and this will help avoid any unintentional charges. Somehow my mother-in-law's phone had periodically been uploading data, but she has no idea how this has happened, as she only knows how to make and receive phone calls on her phone. All the more reason just to put a block on it. Although it felt a little funny to email my parents and MIL to inform them I had to put a block on their phones...felt like I was the parent and they were the children. To which my very witty father emails back
"But Moooooooooommmmm! Everyone else has text messaging...."

Sorry Dad :)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Wii Fit...and some other randomness

I am so excited!! 10 more days until Wii Fit comes out (May 19th). I guess it seems appropriate since it's target customer are working moms... Plus I just love the Wii, Wii Fit combines working out and fun, and it's something the whole family can do. So I think it's going to be great.

I worked out 4x this week, which is shocking considering my track record from the last 2 months. My eating was good too.

This morning my daughter crawled into bed with me sometime early, and when I woke up it was 9 am! I laid there for a while (I'm not a morning person), and didn't want to get out of bed because she was snuggled up so close to me, I knew she would wake up the instant I got of out bed, so I just waited. She woke up a few minutes later. What a nice way to start the day! For some reason I've been more tired than usual so getting 10 hours...yes 10 hours of sleep felt great...although I still felt tired today. I'm also feeling slightly lightheaded and foggy, so I don't know if I've got some kind of viral thing going on or what.

Steve got up at some ungodly hour to go turkey hunting with a co-worker. I just can't wrap my head around the desire to wake up at 4am, go tromp through the woods looking for some elusive bird that only seems to be around when no one is hunting it, but mysteriously disappears when the guns come out. Anyway, he came around 2....with nothing...yet wants to go out again next week to repeat the process. Definitely a guy thing!

Any of you watch Survivor??? OH MY GOODNESS!! I won't give it away because I don't think Kelly has seen it yet, and may watch it tomorrow, but it was like the best Survivor episode EVER!! Classic!!

I've had a curtain sitting in the corner in our living room for over a month now. It is the wrong size, but it hasn't moved from it's original position when we brought it home from Ikea. Sad!

My dear 4 year old daughter went outside yesterday to say hello to the birdies that live in our yard. She was just standing there looking up at them as they sat on the fence about 5 feet away. She stared and stared at them, and they seemed to stare back at her...then she puts her hand up with her pointer finger out (like a perch) and just stands there beckoning the birdies to come land on her finger....(cuz you know, princesses can do that...and the birdies just come sit on there finger and sing a pretty little song). Then she came inside and told us that the birdies wouldn't come sit on her finger...she was truly shocked. It was pretty cute.

I've got a lot more random thoughts, but I don't want to overwhelm you :)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Small victories

Most of you (all 3 of you who actually read my blog) who know me know that I've struggled a bit with fitness since we got back from our Cabo vacation. It's pretty easy to stay motivated when you have a beach vacation coming up, but now that there isn't really anything uber-fun on the horizon, I seem to be dragging my feet. Some of my pants seemed to be getting snug...couldn't be from the ice cream every night and no exercise could it?? Last week I decided (again) that I really needed to get back on track....but I didn't want to say anything to anyone because I've said it many times before and I like to be a person of my word. Anyway, today is day 6 of good eating....not fanatically clean eating, but definitely good. I still was having a hard time motivating myself to work out though. Yesterday went out to the garage to jump rope since that was really the only thing that sounded fun.....couldn't find the jump rope though. So I decided to do one of my Beach Body videos...I ended up doing the P90 fat burning express, which was filmed in Hawaii overlooking the beach. It is one heck of a workout, but actually pretty fun. I was actually getting lightheaded because I was sucking wind so much. Can you say 'out of shape'!!
I'm still afraid to get on the scale, probably best that way. Hopefully I can maintain this wee bit of momentum I have.